Ola girls, Lynda  here with the “Lipstick & dipsticks service” this section  is where the girls are in charge, I am here to provide you with a completely free no nonsense insight into looking after your car without any interference from the guys. Basic essentials on how to identify maybe where the oil and water goes in on your particular car, how to fill up the washers etc. Those annoyingly easy jobs we are all more than capable of but just need a little guide the first time around, so don`t be shy fill in the request form below with some of your car details and what you need to know and I will email you back any info and any helpful pictures, I may add a blog here too soon if there is enough interest. So what ever you drive a 4 x 4 , sports car or people carrier I am here to help you, and if you need parts like wiper blades or such like I will even negotiate some girly discount for you with my husband on the parts side, he thinks he is in charge... but us girls know better eh?




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Don`t miss my  blog  coming soon, if you have any idea`s  ( girly only ) let me know and can make it happen,  happy days.    Lynda